What’s Next?

Many people want to know what they should do after attending an Alpha course. Here are some of the options available.

The Sunday Eucharist

Although it is also open to non-Catholics, the Alpha Course in Malta is run in a Catholic context. The Sunday Eucharist is central to every Catholic community and we really encourage people who have done the course to find a Church where the Eucharistic celebration is relevant and alive. The community that runs Alpha meets every Sunday morning at 10.30am at the Oratory in Birkirkara, together with several past Alpha participants, to celebrate mass together and to receive the bread needed for the journey.

Follow-up courses

A number of talks and courses delivered by excellent speakers continue to be offered throughout the year on different subjects. Various courses are held on themes of sexuality, faith, spirituality and marriage. Monthly talks are also being held – these will focus on various biblical figures, and the extent to which their lives and stories are a mirror-image of our own personal story. Please contact us for more information.

Read the Bible and deepen your understanding

We do try to encourage people to read the bible and to be guided by the Word. Besides the guidance received through talks and courses, there are many initiatives a person can take individually, such as Nicky Gumbel’s Bible in One Year challenge. By subscribing, you can choose to receive a daily email focusing on a different passage of the Bible, accompanied by reflections on the meaning and application to our lives.

Continue meeting as a group

Some Alpha groups have such a good time together that they choose to continue meeting to deepen their faith. So, once the course is over very often home groups are formed. These serve as a place where true meaningful friendships grow, and where the Word of God is studied, shared and applied to one’s life.

Revisit Alpha talks

If you missed a session of the course, or just wish to go back over something you weren’t sure of the first time round, you can watch or listen to the Alpha talks here.