The Team

The Alpha Course is the main outreach of the City on a Hill Community, a small community of lay persons who have chosen to take their faith seriously and whose hearts have been captured by a strong desire to share the exciting news of God’s love with as many persons as possible.

Alpha was first run in Malta as an outreach of the International Catholic Programme for Evangelization (ICPE). The first course in Malta was held in 1997, and since then hundreds of persons have rediscovered the true meaning of their faith and have set out on the journey to holiness through their attendance at this course. In furthering their mission to prepare Catholics to become more effective evangelizers, ICPE trained a group of people to act as a service team to be able to run the course in Maltese parishes.

Along the years, new members joined the team and eventually, in November 2006, the members of the Alpha Team formed the City on a Hill Community. As the Community continues to grow in love for Christ, it continues to reach out to persons who are searching for the true meaning of life through the organisation of the Alpha Course and other related outreaches.

The City on a Hill Community currently meets and runs the Alpha Course at the MSSP Oratory in Birkirkara.